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Kiyosaki Lord Monckton you couldsee people like James Corbett speak allthese incredible people and we reallyhope to see you there in June in Montanait’s going to be an incredible event andit you will want to miss it so thanksJohn for going into this for us andwe’ll be back at you with much more thisis josh certain and Johnson ison signingout from world alternative media findthe truth be the change[Music][Music]whoa[Music]youwelcome to the Australian propertypodcast helping you achieve success inproperty featuring your host JonathanPreston hi guys thanks very much fortuning back here to the show so intoday’s episode I want to discussproperty valuations when compared toother asset classes alright let’s getstartedalright so right now there’s obviously alot of talk around you know propertyprices being at all-time highs and beingso expensive and you know how a price isclear I’ll hire with you know theearnings multiple basically you knowwhen compared to to income levels youknow being so high everything like thatand while there is potentially you knowsome truth in you know looking at thatmetric and you know believing thatprices are and did you know hi if youactually you know want to make anaccurate comparison you really need tolook at where valuations are incomparison to other asset classes and ifyou’re savvy investor you know generallybeing you know where the value is canyou know over the long term you knowpotentially give you the best potentialrisk adjusted returns obviously thereare bubbles so you know sometimes beingin the best of it how you play isn’t thebest in the short term but over the longterm you should get the bestrisk-adjusted returns because whatyou’re buying is you know a solid assetat a reasonable