that gets crushed they need tounderstand like you can invest in realestate if you know what you’re doingthere’s so much stuff you can go into tounderstand how to do properly but ofcourse the most important part is youknow keep yourself free and out of themonetary system you know banks arepreparing to you know take your money atany given time now the money a lot ofyeah and online a shadow thecentralization you know the gold andsilver we of course got to make surethat you know you keep yourselfself-sufficient and are not dependent ona government when different matterscomes into play and these markets arefreezing up and collapsing you need tobe self dependent because if not you’regoing to sit there and be likeVenezuelans that are stuck with you knowa number and a fingerprint that theyhave to give in order to get whateveramount of food that the government willallow them to get yeah it eventuallycan’t come down to that so justfinishing it off I really wish you guyslock down under I and also just closingit off also down under is our links forGoFundMe and patron and we can’t dowithout you any donation is very muchappreciated due to the fact of coursethat we at this moment are being vastlycensured by YouTube were being demonetized three out of four videos arebeing d monetized and we can’t keep thisoperation going without you and furtherfrom that we also have Bitcoin ouraddress for Bitcoin in the descriptionand the comments as well as on thescreen where you can scan if you pleaseand also come on out to thered pill Expo we will leave a link belowin the description in the comments aswell for that where you can meet peoplelike G Edward Griffin ty bollingerRobert