the fleshunit state and then they get a panic andhave helicopter drop some money cachessociety’s negative interest rate worldalways going to be implemented as theypanic because the markets as they areshould have been faltering and they’renot because they’re pushing all theseall those money cheap money into thereal estate markets in australia andtuesday in australians now of course aprivate debt to gdp is one of thehighest in the world as well top  percent of the total gdp so it’s overdouble or what they actually producethat they have in debt so just a massivedebt based system they’re trying to youknow create growth with that but theproblem is you creating less and lessand less growth with the the more andmore debt to print and of course war isa prerogative of bears in order to alsocompensate there’s all sorts ofdifferent things that they can do thatare very dangerous to individuals andthat does that affects people down underover in australia and it affects peopleall across the world and it needs to benoted it needs to be undergood but John kind of just quickly gointo how people can keep themselves safein Australia in this inevitable bubbleburst well first of all you can investin real estate if you know what you’redoing you’re going to know what you’redoing that’s the problem most peoplethat are messing in real estate havezero clue what they’re doing you knowthey’re flipping houses some of them butyou know are right at the edge of what’spossible they’re hoping that you knowthat Valley will go up all the time sogetting a whole bunch of people thatflips these houses with the massiveclose to you know they’re just highlyhighly leveraged and suddenly get a dropin price