Property  valuation the State Property Fund of Ukraine published information on innovations in the procedure for assessing land and real estate. According to Sergei Ignatovsky, Deputy Chairman of the Fund, previously the procedures for transactions with real estate and land were separated. But this situation does not comply with international standards, and today Ukraine is practically the only country in the world where separate procedures are used for the purchase and sale of real estate and land.

To simplify this procedure for citizens, the State Property Fund is developing a new bill, according to which the assessment and sale of land and real estate will be carried out according to a unified scheme. The bill is currently under development, but it will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada in the near future.

This law will be the next step in reforming the land and real estate market. Thanks to him, the owners of land and real estate will be able to conduct transactions with their property according to a simplified scheme. Recall that the previous step in the reform was the abolition of the so-called appraisal sites, through which previously it was necessary to evaluate property.

Today, the assessment procedure is available to everyone. Ukrainians can still order an appraisal of their object from appraisal companies that register works for notarial transactions in the service for entering information of the State Property Fund – the Unified Register, which will be valid until July. “Alliance-Ukrekspert” will help you get objective data on the evaluation of your property.

As for the new planned law, we hope that with its help Ukrainian owners will get rid of the need to go through a complicated procedure when selling or buying land and real estate.

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